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King said or Abigail Adams wrote , and are used in written and in audio or visual media, especially if an anchor or reporter is giving someone's exact words without having a recording of the person actually saying it. For example, a newscaster would say, "Dr.

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King said, and I quote, 'I have a dream' unquote. By contrast, indirect quotations also may have signal phrases leading into them, but the words are not what the person said or wrote word for word, just a paraphrase or a summary of what the words were, such as, At the March on Washington, Dr.

King spoke of the dreams that he had for the nation. When you have a long direct quotation in a written work, such as more than 60 or words or more than four or five lines, instead of using quotation marks around it, you may be told by your style guide or assignment parameters to set it off with indents on either side and to put the text in italics or make some other typographical change.

This is a block quotation. So remember, it is important that you only use direct quotations where necessary. Using excessive direct quotations, or quotations that are too long, can lead the marker or reader to believe that you are using quotations to avoid having to explain difficult concepts in your own words. When you do use direct quotations, it is very important that you introduce them correctly. This means they must be incorporated into a sentence of your own. A numerate person can understand how mathematics is used as a method of communication Cockcroft, This is the correct way.

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The social context of critical care clinical judgment. Heart and Lung, 24, One of your jobs as a writer is to guide your reader through your text. Often both the signal and the assertion appear in a single introductory statement, as in the example below.

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Notice how a transitional phrase also serves to connect the quotation smoothly to the introductory statement. Ross , in her study of poor and working-class mothers in London from [signal], makes it clear that economic status to a large extent determined the meaning of motherhood [assertion]. Illness was rarely a routine matter in the nineteenth century [assertion].

Incorporate short direct prose quotations into the text of your paper and enclose them in double quotation marks:. Begin longer quotations for instance, in the APA system, 40 words or more on a new line and indent the entire quotation i. Unsucessful Paraphrases page. More than 3 lines of poetry should be indented. As with any extended indented quotation, do not use quotation marks unless you need to indicate a quotation within your quotation.

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With short quotations, place citations outside of closing quotation marks, followed by sentence punctuation period, question mark, comma, semi-colon, colon :. Menand acknowledges that H. Place outside of closing quotation marks if the entire sentence containing the quotation is a question or exclamation:. According to Hertzberg , Dahl gives the U. Use ellipsis points. Within quotations, use square brackets [ ] not parentheses to add your own clarification, comment, or correction. American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language 4th ed.

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Bazerman, C. The informed writer: Using sources in the disciplines 5th ed. Boston: Houghton Mifflin. Leki, I.

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Academic writing: Exploring processes and strategies 2nd ed. New York: St. Spatt, B. Writing from sources 5th ed. The Writing Center has handouts explaining how to use many of the standard documentation systems. You may look at our general Web page on Documentation Systems, or you may check out any of the following specific Web pages. This is an accordion element with a series of buttons that open and close related content panels.

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Writing an Effective Blog Post. U niversity of W isconsin —Madison. How to avoid plagiarism When using sources in your papers, you can avoid plagiarism by knowing what must be documented. Information and Ideas Even if you use your own words, if you obtained the information or ideas you are presenting from a source, you must document the source. Common Knowledge? You do not need to cite a source for material considered common knowledge: General common knowledge is factual information considered to be in the public domain, such as birth and death dates of well-known figures, and generally accepted dates of military, political, literary, and other historical events.