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Police were responding to a call saying Danner was acting irrationally, and when she tried to attack sergeant Hugh Barry with a baseball bat, he shot the woman twice in the torso, killing her, according to police accounts. Investigators will try to determine why Barry did not use the Taser he was equipped with.

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We're treated with suspicion as liars who can't be trusted to control ourselves. Employees with a mental illness are generally protected from discrimination by U.

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He later negotiated the right at a different employer to take an unpaid day off for any reason, no questions asked. Some Depression and other mental-health problems are the top reason employees call for help from ComPsych, a Chicago-based employee-assistance provider, according to a recent analysis of two million calls.

Stress and anxiety recently overtook relationship problems as the No. Employees in their 20s report higher rates of stress, anxiety and depression than other age groups, ComPsych says. And younger workers are more likely to speak openly about it than older ones.

Military Mental Health: PTSD

Andrew Clark, who suffers from anxiety and depression, needed a mental-health day last summer just a few weeks after starting a new job as a marketing strategist at Duckpin, a digital-marketing agency in Towson, Md. Kain, also 31, had never received a request for a mental-health day.


Kain says. Clark was OK. Employees who need time off because of a diagnosed mental illness are typically protected from discrimination by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Also, the federal Family and Medical Leave Act may provide job-protected leave without pay, says Frank Alvarez, leader of the disability-leave practice in White Plains, N.

Writing About Mental Illness from the Inside

Alvarez says. Such tensions pose a challenge to managers. But within the system and among alumni, trepidation has increased since Military. Even in war zones, Lane warned, it would be a mistake to downplay the importance of contributions by doctors who do not specialize in trauma. In the invasion of Kuwait, for instance, cases of diseases and non-battle injuries rather than combat injuries created the most medical work, he said.

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A major deployment could leave the military flatfooted, said Dr. John Prescott, a former Army physician.

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The military health system is responsible for more than 1. Split among the Navy, Army and Air Force, each with its own doctors and hospitals, the service has been targeted for years for overhaul to reduce redundancies and save costs. The department has already started moving administrative functions under one bureaucracy, called the Defense Health Agency, which is slated to take over the service branch hospitals in The budget for the next fiscal year is still being developed and final decisions have not yet been made, a Department of Defense spokeswoman, Lt.