Essay on mumbai city for kids

While not everyone agrees with the practice, Slum Tours are very popular with tourists, particularly Europeans who have heard about Dharavi. Several operators offer two-to-three-hour tours of the slum city, showcasing the good and bad about life there.

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The Bollywood capital, Mumbai is home to several major movie studios and Bollywood celebrities. Several operators package this into a fun day out for fans of the genre. You can head to different locations, often even watch a shoot, and head over to see the houses of stars such as Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan. As you can see, Mumbai is famous for a number of one-of-a-kind experiences. Let us know about your visit to these locations in the comments below.

Essay on mumbai city for kids

Mumbai offers tourists many outdoor activities to enjoy. There are water and amusement parks, trekking trails, beaches, bird sanctuaries and other outdoor experiences. But one of the best ways to Even a short getaway is tough to make time With over a around Mumbai, many of them over years old, these serene, peaceful and calm structures Mumbai is not only known as the financial capital of India, instead, it is the home to some of the most protected harbours in India.

This is the place where Trying to figure out where to go for your much-needed post-wedding getaway? If you and your partner are looking locally, then there are a number of romantic options just a Mumbai is known for its charming and quaint cafes, where you can sit and lose yourself in a good book, a great cup of local coffee and some excellent food. Treebo derives its name from "Bo Tree", the fig tree under which Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment.

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The fig tree family - banyan, peepal among others - has inspired not just our name but also what we do. The Spectrum of National Festivals of India. The Big Indian Travel Sale. The Palladium mall offers luxury brands. The Gateway sees hundreds of visitors a day.

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A great place to party like a VIP. We got more stares from the locals and our jaws were dropping every couple minutes. Anyone need a quick shave? After a long day exploring, we head back to our place and Mani greets us with Chai. After a quick chat he takes us to the basement and shows us his model train collection. During our stroll around the park we are greeted by many friendly locals.

We were often asked to hold babies and pose in pictures as if we were a celebrities. Sometimes we received looks of horror as if they had just seen an alien…. Next up is Chowpatty beach. Great views of the city however the beach is not very nice.

Some school kids wanted their picture taken. The brave one of the group takes his shirt off while his friends laugh from the sidelines. After a long day on our feet, we are ready to eat our favorite part of the day. We pass a few vendors along the way. At last we have selected our dinner for the night. A spicy vegetarian dish containing Chickpeas, lentils, onion, cilantro, chile peppers, and various sauces and spices.

Spicy and a little sweet. All for 30 cents per person 20 rupee.

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Although chaotic, the city of Mumbai has a certain energy about it that we learned to love. Since moving on to Goa , we have found ourselves missing the electric Mumbai.

Essay on My City Mumbai For Kids & Students

We will be back someday…. Be safe said in Momvoice. Thanks Katy, glad to hear it! We left Mumbai and are now hopping around small beach communities in Goa. Pictures soon.

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  • Love it and want to hear more! Amazing pics! Thanks Meg! Our favorite time of day is usually dinner time on a street corner.


    All the locals gather around to eat — feels like a small block party with better food. Aw, thanks, Meg! Bombay: History of a City it is really hard to imagine, but nearly 13 million people live there — so, it is the most populated city in the world. Cover letter for submission of revised manuscript. Mumbai city. Dissertation preface pierre et jean. Phd dissertation health economics.

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